Our Story.

The Re-Source Solutions story can be captured in just a few words. We exist to help individuals Re-focus and Re-position so they can receive great Re-ward. In essence, our services and products are specifically designed to serve as a catalyst for forward and upward movement. We help our clients see opportunities and possibilities, while partnering with them to build strategies that will position them for positively impactful outcomes.
With decades of experience in nonprofit, corporate, faith-based, philanthropic, and higher education sectors, the Re-Source Solutions approach emerges out of the recognition that “people matter.” In fact, our work in building, strengthening, and inspiring people is situated at the core of who we are. Through our services, the Re-Source Solutions team is skilled in meeting people and organizations right where they are, while helping them to envision, develop, and implement action steps for getting to where they have the desire to be.

In a nutshell, our work is all about YOU. We want to see you thrive – no matter the challenge. We want to see you reach your goals – no matter how many obstacles are in front of you. We want to see you navigate successfully – no matter your environment. We want to see you move – no matter how stuck you have been in the past. This is the Re-Source Solutions story…And we’re sticking to it!

Meet Our Founder .

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Dr. Katrina Hutchins



Dr. K

Dr. Katrina Hutchins, affectionately known as, “Dr. K” is the Founder & President of Re-Source Solutions, a company focused on organizational excellence through professional and personal growth and transformation. As a Certified Executive Coach, Consultant, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Professor, and Philanthropist, Dr. K has gained decades of experience in corporate, governmental, higher education, philanthropic, non-profit and faith- based sectors.

Whether in auditoriums, on virtual platforms, through radio, television, in boardrooms, in classrooms, or in whatever space she finds herself, Dr. K’s goal remains the same – to position her voice in a way that amplifies the voices of others and to positively impact their lives in a way that leaves them better than before.

Dr. K earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia College and a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of South Carolina. She earned her Doctoral degree in Education with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Northeastern University. Dr. K also completed a certificate program in diversity and inclusion from Cornell University. Additionally, she earned her Certification in Personal & Executive Coaching from the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute.

As a scholar, Dr. K’s research is focused on the power of women’s voices. As such, her fourth book, “The Voice Positioning System: 7 Ways to Harness Your Power and Master Your Influence” has been the catalyst for voice transformation for thousands of readers and voice workshop session participants.

Dr. K is also the Founder of the Re-Source Solutions Foundation. The Foundation exists to improve the mental, physical and spiritual health of women and families through education, edification, and empowerment. A signature program of the Foundation is the Voice Leadership Camp for Girls & Boys, a program focused on creating a fearless heart and a future story for the next generation of World-Changers.

In 2022, Dr. K authored the “My Voice is Powerful” children’s book series – Dr. K is also the author of three inspirational books and two inspirational journals

Dr. K’s personal mantra is, “Live in such a way that someone will want to continue the legacy you leave behind.”

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