Re-Source Solutions.

By aligning organizational goals with individual development, we help organizations create a new narrative for their organizations and their employees. Re-Source Solutions provides a people centered approach to professional development and coaching. Our approach creates a sustainable transformation that represents more than a number, but a life empowered. We develop your people so they will become the future leaders of your organization, creating an organically grown succession plan. By choosing to work with Re-Source Solutions, organizations demonstrate their commitment to success by invigorating their most important and valuable asset, their employees.

We work with you to craft the coaching program your team needs to discover new possibilities, develop their strengths, and elevate their thinking.


Designed to help people move forward by partnering with them as they examine where they are versus where they have the capacity and capability to be.

Organizational Consulting

Tapping into strengths and qualities the organization already possesses, we work to propel people and the organization to the next level with a practical plan of how to get there.

Workshops & Trainings

We provide opportunities for organizational leaders and followers to roll up their sleeves, let down their guards, and get in the trenches of the “how-to” of building their team.

Keynote Speaking

We connect with diverse audiences on a variety of topics by engaging them to think beyond the surface and inspiring them to live a life of authenticity & purpose.

Voice Positioning System Coaching (For Women Leaders)

Current indicators suggest many women who hold leadership positions are exhausted and burned out, as they are experiencing higher levels of stress, anxiety, relationship-breakdown, insomnia, depression, and emotional and physical fatigue.

Let Us Help Maximize Your Full Potential!

Is your company experiencing a measure of success, but have yet to tap into your full potential or maximum capacity?